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Seller FAQs

Three reasons: Maximum price, speed and security.

Yes. Selling at auction always means you will get the true value of any property. Yes the buyer is paying your fees but that does NOT mean you will get less for your property, you are simply saving a sales fee.

Everything and anything. We have sold terraced, bungalows, unique properties, family detached houses, penthouse apartments, commercial units, businesses, new build properties and plots on behalf of builders.

Yes, you have complete control when setting the reserve price.

Everyone and anyone can, especially with our innovative ‘Conditional Auction.’ This has been devised to aim specifically at the residential buyers who may require a mortgage, so we do not aim solely for cash buyers. We do not exclude any buyer who is in a proceedable position.

Yes. Once accepted, a deposit is taken.

You can NEVER under sell at auction. The trick is setting an aggressive start bid to generate multiple viewings over a set time span. Then, at auction, purchasers bid against each other either in person by proxy, phone, or internet.

Because of job relocation, emigration, matrimonial issues, death, outgrown the house, or simple frustration with the open market. Selling at auction maximises your price and offers speed and security. Anyone and everyone can sell at auction.

Anyone who wants to reach the largest audience in the shortest time to achieve the best price. Vacant property rates make commercial property a significant source of business now.

By agreement with the seller, a reserve is set which can be altered only with the seller’s consent.

We will make arrangements with local agents for access if necessary or conduct open days and viewings ourselves, as every property and vendor is different and should be treated as such.

We intend to use PR as much as advertising. We work in partnership and advertise with selected publications that carry press releases about us and our properties. We do not waste money on needless confetti announcements, preferring to target specific key influences and send them relevant information, over the internet and by catalogue.

No – when you sign the agreement you agree to us marketing the property straight away.

Easy – Simply call your nearest Town & Country Office.

* Excluding London Region. Please contact our London office on 02030 111499 for further information.
Also excluding Ireland Region. Please contact our Ireland office on +353 (1) 2452180 for further information.
* Please note Scotland Lots are all Unconditional Lots with a 2% plus VAT Buyer’s Premium (subject to a standard fee of £3,000 plus VAT). Please contact our Scotland office on 01413487590 for further information.