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Considering selling your property at auction? Here are
some common questions you may like answers for.

Why auction?

Three reasons: Maximum price, speed and security.

Will I get full price for my property?

Yes. Selling at auction always means you will get the true value of any property. Yes the buyer is paying your fees but that does NOT mean you will get less for your property, you are simply saving a sales fee.

What properties are sold at auction?

Everything and anything. We have sold terraced, bungalows, unique properties, family detached houses, penthouse apartments, commercial units, businesses, new build properties and plots on behalf of builders.

Can I control the selling price?

Yes, you have complete control when setting the reserve price

Who buys at auction?

Everyone and anyone can, especially with our innovative ‘Conditional Auction.’ This has been devised to aim specifically at the residential buyers who may require a mortgage, so we do not aim solely for cash buyers. We do not exclude any buyer who is in a proceedable position.

What is the probability of selling?

You can NEVER under sell at auction. The trick is setting an aggressive start bid to generate multiple viewings over a set time span. Then, at auction, purchasers bid against each other either in person by proxy, phone, or internet.

Why do people sell at auction?

Because of job relocation, emigration, matrimonial issues, death, outgrown the house, or simple frustration with the open market. Selling at auction maximises your price and offers speed and security. Anyone and everyone can sell at auction.

Who are your clients?

Anyone who wants to reach the largest audience in the shortest time to achieve the best price. Vacant property rates make commercial property a significant source of business now.

How is price determined?

By agreement with the seller, a reserve is set which can be altered only with the seller’s consent.

How do you arrange viewings?

We will make arrangements with local agents for access if necessary or conduct open days and viewings ourselves, as every property and vendor is different and should be treated as such.

How will you advertise my property?

In the weeks approaching the auction we advertise weekly in regional newspapers and property supplements. Each property will also enjoy maximum exposure being displayed on Internet websites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The Internet also offers potential buyers the opportunity to print colour brochures or to contact the office direct to organise viewings or arrange details to be sent out in the post.

All websites are updated on a daily basis:

Is there a cooling off period?

No – when you sign the agreement you agree to us marketing the property straight away.

How do I proceed?

Easy – Simply call your nearest Town & Country Office.

This was my first experience of selling at auction and I couldn’t be happier with both the process run by Joe Joshi (assisted by Mel Calvert, who handled all the admin) and the result obtained. Why? 1. He responded to my enquiry via the web within hours, understood the nature of the property, researched the market and came straight back with a realistic and accurate appraisal of what it would fetch, 2. He recommended a solicitor able to act within the very short timeframe we had, 3. He worked hard, including out of hours, to generate a lot of interest in a short time. It’s crucial to generate competition and momentum among bidders to get the right price. 4. Joe is on your side as the seller. He negotiates, takes the initiative, solves problems and communicates every step of the way. 5. It’s about results in the end. We got our property sold - contracts exchanged - for a great price prior to the actual auction and less than three weeks from first speaking to Joe. Can a regular estate agent deliver that? Not in my experience!

Ian Simpson

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Considering selling your property in an auction? Here are some common questions you may like answers to before committing.

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