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Auction Questions

Unsure of auctions? Don't worry, it's easy!

A reserve price is the price stipulated as the lowest acceptable by the vendor. The figure is confidential between the vendor and the auctioneer. The guide price may not always be the same as the reserve price. The guide is an indication given by the Auctioneer. Where the guide price is a bracket figure, the reserve cannot exceed the top end of the bracket price. If the guide price is a single figure, then the reserve can be up to 10% in excess of this.

An unconditional auction is what most people understand an auction to be i.e. the property is sold on the fall of a hammer. At Town & Country Property Auctions the conditional auction gives both parties 28 days (unless otherwise agreed) to exchange contracts on the property following the fall of the hammer, providing sellers and buyers with a fixed time scale for the sale.

We accept debit or credit cards and BACS transfer. Alternatively cleared funds may be banked with Town & Country Property Auctions prior to the auction which would be refunded the day after the auction if unsuccessful.

  1. Attend our Auction
    Come along to the auction and bid in person.

  2. Proxy Bid
    If you can’t attend the auction Town & Country Property Auctions can bid on your behalf (by prior arrangement).

  3. By Phone
    We can telephone you from the auction room and bid on your behalf (by prior arrangement).

* Excluding London Region. Please contact our London office on 02030 111499 for further information.
Also excluding Ireland Region. Please contact our Ireland office on +353 (1) 2452180 for further information.
* Please note Scotland Lots are all Unconditional Lots with a 2% plus VAT Buyer’s Premium (subject to a standard fee of £3,000 plus VAT). Please contact our Scotland office on 01413487590 for further information.