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Why sell at auction?

A multitude of national agents will offer you an opportunity to sell your property swiftly, they will advise you of a number of benefits and easy steps to sell your home. However, this service can be achieved at a price which is detrimental to YOU. The Agents will offer to purchase your property and give you a minimum premium. Once purchased some of the properties are placed back on the open market allowing the agents to obtain a greater percentage of profit.

During your lifetime there will be a number of reasons why you will require or have to sell your property.

  • Relocation or Emigration
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Inherited property
  • Ill health
  • Financial Difficulties

An easy solution or an alternative method of selling your dwelling is to Sell at Auction. This process of selling a property is becoming more and more popular throughout the UK with buyers and sellers alike. Auctions are an effective way of selling your property, at a minimum cost to you, for the best achievable price.

Selling at Auction

There are many benefits of selling at auction;

  • Best price - Gathering all potential purchasers together in the same place at the same time creates competition so you can be sure the price achieved is the best you could get on the day, which is often more than selling by private treaty.
  • Speed - In most cases, completion is set for 28 days after the date of the auction. This is legal and binding.
  • No re-negotiation - Once the hammer falls you have exchanged contracts at the agreed price so there is no re-negotiating to take survey findings and no undermining.
  • High profile marketing - The properties are marketed both locally and nationally to create the greatest amount of interest.
  • No fall through - Once the hammer falls, your buyer is legally committed and cannot change their mind.
  • Open house - Each property has a specially promoted open house event attended by a member of Town & Country Property Auction’s staff.